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What is Immunology

The science of Immunology encompasses the study of the development, anatomy functions and malfunctions of the immune system, all of which are of fundamental importance to the understanding of human disease.


The immune system is made up of many types of molecules and cells that are distributed in every tissue of the body, as well as specialized lymphoid organs, which act in a coordinated manner to prevent or eliminate microbial infections, to suppress the growth of tumors, and to initiate repair of damaged tissues.

Who is an Immunologist

Immunologists are scientists or clinicians who specialise in the field of Immunology.


Immunology is a very broad branch of the biological sciences and is defined as the study of an organism's defence (immune) system, in both health and disease.


All multicellular organisms are prey to infection or invasion. Harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites constantly seek to gain access into the body, and if successful, this can lead to a number of serious diseases.

Who are We

Pakistan Society for Immunology is a not-for-profit scientific society founded in 2011 with the sole aim of furthering the cause of Immunology in Pakistan.


At Pakistan Society for Immunology, we strive to bring together all medical and healthcare allied professionals as well as scientists with an interest in Immunology.


The annual PSI meetings allow us the opportunity to develop a common vision, layout tangible bench marks, monitor progress and evolve a concensus on future directions in areas of education, research and service provision.

President's Message

Pakistan Society for Immunology is a nascent organization that has been formed in the recent past. It is a privilege to assume the Presidency of the PSI just as it has been a privilege to work for the establishment & progress of the specialty since 1992.


This website is the first official introduction of our organization on the web and I hope it will serve to place PSI firmly on the world map in cyber space as well.

                                             -Prof Rana Muzaffar

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